Hello, I Love You

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“Benedick and Beatrice are similar to the Doctor and Donna in some ways – there’s a lot of sparring – but this is a romantic relationship, which was never the case in Doctor Who. Of course, there’s a natural desire to see that energy between us being recreated. I trust people have more sense than to assume it will be the same.”

—Catherine Tate

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John Julian, 1 January 1945
Donald Hoobler, 3 January 1945
Alex Penkala, 10 January 1945
Skip Muck, 10 January 1945
Roy Cobb, January 1990
Harry Welsh, 21 January 1995
Lewis Nixon, 11 January 1995
Richard Winters, 2 January 2011 
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British Men and their Bathtubs

(and by british i mean from the UK) 

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- I like working with you.
- I like working with you, too.

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After quite a bit of struggle, John Watson finally gives into the inevitable conclusion that Sherlock is inherently unable to keep anything out of the bathtub— even after repeated requests, threats, and orders. He finally decides that he’ll just have to work around the various debris littering the small porcelain tub as he soaks in the bath.

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Dear followers,

Which would you wear?

all.. especially bottom middle

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